History of Ralph's Rabbit Ranch

History of Ralph's Rabbit Ranch

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Win a Lucky Rabbits Foot

Here' is your chance to win a "Genuine" Ralph's Rabbit Ranch lucky Rabbit's foot.

Please take a moment to review the "Collective Comments" listed below by people who were likely to have said something about the gourmet rabbits sold on Ralph's Rabbit Ranch.

After reading the 'Likely Collective Comments' listed submit a comment you think is fitting for Ralph's Rabbit Ranch. If we can use your comments we will send you your very own genuine Ralph's Rabbit Ranch Lucking Rabbit foot. This prized objet d'art is believed, by many cultures and societies from around the world, to hold some mystical force that can keep one out of harms way and bring good fortune.

Judging of all likely comments received will take place on Monday, August 18th at 1pm here at Ralph's Rabbit Ranch in pristine Lugerville, Wisconsin. 

Up to 25 lucky Ralph's Rabbit feet will be awarded and mailed out to the winners. Authors of winning entries will be contacted via Face Book message to confirm an appropriate mailing address. All lucky rabbit's feet awarded will be mailed out via the US Postal Service utilizing 'First Class' mail service.

Sorry only one submission per person will be allowed.

Below are the rules for all likely comment submissions:

1) All submissions must be in English

2) Photo's and artwork will not be allowed

3) The use of profanity is not permitted and will automatically disqualify the entry

4) 'Likely comments' should reflect the statement or thoughts of likely well known public figures, celebrities or historical characters either real or animated. For example it could be conjectured that Tony the Tiger is likely to have said -" Ralph's Rabbits ... There Great" or Elmer Fudd could be conjectured to have said "Walphs Wabbits are Waskley Wabbits"

5) Points will be awarded for originality and creativity

6) Bonus points will be awarded for "Likely comments" postulated by federal lawmakers and foreign heads of state - China and North Korea excluded of course.

Reminder: Ralph's Rabbit Ranch along with its subsidiaries and affiliate holding interests reserves the right to share any entry submitted on Face Book or use in other print medias.

Good luck and we hope you win.


Read the notice below:

Ralph’s Rabbit Ranch® 

… The Pride of Wisconsin Ranching

Featuring - Gabe’s Gourmet Rabbits®

Homegrown and free range - our barley and alfalfa fed, koshered gourmet rabbits are raised exclusively for discriminating diners with exquisite taste.

Collective comments 'likely shared' regarding Gabe’s Gourmet Rabbits®

Living in D.C. we’ve forgotten how great Wisconsin rabbit taste. Thanks Ralph for an incredible meal.
Tommy Thompson – former Governor of Wisconsin

The best part about shooting a film in Wisconsin was enjoying delicious burgers brought over daily from Ralph’s ranch.
Johnny Deep – Actor … While filming Public Enemies

You don’t have to be a Master Chef to prepare an elegant and gourmet meal for your family with Ralph’s rabbits.
Gordon Ramsey – 16 Star Michelin Chef

Ralph, your sautéed rabbit loins and red cabbage are definitely worthy of an Oscar! I give you two thumbs up.
Julie Roberts – Pretty Woman

If Ralph’s Rabbit Ranch were located in Chicago we would be larger than L.A. and New York City.
Richard M. Daley – former Mayor of Chicago

My visit to Ralph’s Rabbit Ranch was the best adventure I ever had. You guys are great!
Pee Wee Herman – Entertainer and Television Personality Extraordinaire

Seen animals from all over the world but am now convinced gourmet rabbits come only from Wisconsin north of the picket wire. .
Jack Hanna – Director of the Cincinnati Zoo & TV Personality

Gabe’s Gourmet Rabbits® Now shipped anywhere in the US or Europe next day air -fresh or frozen for your discreet dining pleasure.

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