History of Ralph's Rabbit Ranch

History of Ralph's Rabbit Ranch

Monday, June 30, 2014

Public Safety Advisory

Just received this information from a friend and wanted to get it out ASAP. The US Homeland Security Agency has just issued its latest advisory notice which we we should all take heed. If your work involves serving the public or dealing with a lot of foreign customers this information could save your life.

According to homeland security the number one tactic terrorists and ‘disturbed US citizens’ are now using is - to conceal their weapons. 

Concealing or disguising their weapons from the public is necessary especially when they enter government buildings, large transportation centers, metropolitan business centers and outdoor public gathering places.

Please look closely at the picture provided. 

At first glance - to an untrained eye – this might look like a normal “Red Solo party cup”; however if you study the picture carefully you might be able to notice there is a fully loaded, automatic Glock 18 - C pistol carefully hidden inside the red cup.

Analyst and forecasters at Homeland Security believe terrorists and disturbed American citizens may soon be using this ‘Red Solo cup’ disguise trick to conceal their weapons.

During these troubling times is important we all stay vigilant. We urge you to share this information with your colleagues, co-workers and neighbors. Remember if you, your co-workers or neighbors, are not able to spot a weapon disguised like this you might just be the recipient of a cup of hot lead.
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