History of Ralph's Rabbit Ranch

History of Ralph's Rabbit Ranch

Monday, June 9, 2014

Rabbit Trivia # 9 What is Rabbit Meat?

Something people are unaware of.  With with all its healthy benefits - lean and packed with protein - rabbit meat does not have a strong flavor.  In fact many people find the taste of properly prepared rabbit meat irresistible. 

Because rabbit meat does look dark (similar to color of chicken legs and chicken thighs) many shoppers and home cooks erroneously refer to rabbit as a dark meet.  However because rabbit is so low in fat it is actually considered a white meat by food industry professionals.

Rabbit is generally most flavorful when it is 'quickly prepared' such as in pan frying or when it is BBQ.  However true lovers of rabbit meat prefer to cook their rabbit slow as a in stew. 

One thing most professional cooks and Chefs agree on is that rabbit meat should never be roasted or oven baked - without a high fat content the meat with just be to dry to really savor. 

Finally, the flavor of rabbit is thought by many to be very  comparable to a roasted chicken - though we wouldn't say it was identical.
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