History of Ralph's Rabbit Ranch

History of Ralph's Rabbit Ranch

Meet Our Staff

Ralph owner and head rancher. He manages the day to day operations of our herd.

Tammy oversees the individual care, feeding and training of our herds.

Clancy our environmental advisor. Clancy makes sure we meet only the highest endowmental standards here at the ranch.

Wayne our facility director. Wayne keeps our rabbit enclosures in tip top shape so our rabbits live and breed in comfort.

Bill oversees predator control. Known as Wild Bill, Bill has eagle eyes and ensures our rabbits can roam freely anywhere on the open range without harm from native predators.

Pattie our Head Chef and food researcher. She constantly develops new and improved recipes for cooking rabbits. She has won several awards and her signature dishes are Rabbit Lasagna Alfredo and La Blanc Rabbito. Pattie's newest cook book titled Pattie's Favorite Rabbit Recipes ...  Affordable Gourmet Dining For Everyone  is availbe in our gift shop or on line.

Amanda a stellar accountant handles our inventory control, managers the office and takes care of accounts payable and receivable. ranch. She coordinates all vendor tours and follows up on all shipments we send out to customers.

Stacey is our Customer Service Director and official greeter.  Everyone who comes through the main gate gets a warm welcome from Stacey.  Stacey can answer any question about the ranch.  

Gabe focuses new product development.  Have an idea how we can provide new rabbit related products?  Contact Gabe he is always interested in finding new ways to help us enjoy rabbits.

Turk is in charge of our branding operation. Our rabbits wouldn't be able to roam freely or swim in the Flambeau river if it weren't for Turk and his ability to round up are rabbits each night and bring them back to their hutches. Because of Turk the - 'RRR' - brand is visible on all our rabbits.  Always look for the - RRR - brand to be sure you are getting the best - Gabe's Gourmet Rabbits.

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