History of Ralph's Rabbit Ranch

History of Ralph's Rabbit Ranch

Friday, August 2, 2013

Animal Trivia # 6

Here's some really fun trivia we think you will enjoy. Most people know that Rabbits are land mammals and that they are avid jumpers. The average adult rabbit can jump as high as 36 inches (that's 3 feet - one yard - that's almost a meter) and as far as 8 feet in length in a single jump.

Now if you think that is cool get ready for this.  The rabbits cousins the Hares are even more adept at jumping.  Hares can put any rabbit to shame when it comes to jumping.  Since we don't raise hares we won't get into the specifics of their jumping abilities.
But hear is some really amazing trivia we think you will find of tremendous interest.  Most people know that Elephants are also mammals; however very few people realize that  Elephants are the 'the only land mammals' that cannot jump at all.

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