History of Ralph's Rabbit Ranch

History of Ralph's Rabbit Ranch

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Ralphs Rabbit Ranch Update - May 2013

Well it sure was a great weekend this past weekend. Though it was a little windy the temperature got up in the 50's by the afternoon. Tammy and Paul thought it would be a great day to let the rabbits out and start them on practicing some hurdle jumping.

Hard to believe but the North American Rabbit Jumping Competition is only 96 days away. This year it is in Baltimore and we would sure like to come back with some trophies along with all those fresh crabs and oysters we plan on bringing back.

I won't bore you with all the jumpers so I will just highlight a few I hope you will enjoy.
Here's Butch on the low jump.

For his age he sure has great form and Clancy thinks he is our best shot to win in Baltimore because he possesses both speed and agility.
Here is buster on the high jump.  We thought because of his size he would be a great high jumper.  He has a lot of heart; however Clancy doesn't think he has the natural talent to really be competitive.


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