History of Ralph's Rabbit Ranch

History of Ralph's Rabbit Ranch

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Long Over due Update from The Ranch

Sorry it has been so long since we last made a post on this blog.  As many of you are aware it has been a very cold and protracted winter and we were just so busy keeping the herd warm and healthy.

But now it is time to prepare for the upcoming spring and summer.  You won't believe how many construction projects we have planned for this year that are all on hold because of the weather.  We are all hoping that over the next few weeks the weather will turn good so we can finally get back to making Ralph's Rabbit Ranch one of the most efficient and productive rabbit ranches in the country.

To keep the rabbits busy and happy over the past few months Tammy has been spending countless hours getting them use to the water.  Once the ice melts on the Flambeau river we will give the herd access to the water.

Once they are in the river we will start selecting those bucks and does that we think will be good candidates for the 2013 swim teams.  Last year was are first entry into competitive swimming and we were proud of the efforts the rabbits put forth even though we did not win any major events down in St Louis last summer

You may remember we opened our rabbit swim classes up to the public last summer so people could come out and watch and the response was phenomenal. It was amazing how many families came out to see the rabbits swim.  So as you can imagine we will be opening up our rabbits swim time to the public this year as well.  

People are always so surprised to learn that rabbits take to water just like ducks take to water - except rabbits don't quack.  Here are a few recent pictures of Tammy showing how she teaches the rabbits how to swim.  Please note that for obvious safety reasons Tammy always requires the rabbits to wear a personal life preserver until she feels confident they can swim a few laps in the pool on their own.

Here is Tammy placing Spencer one of our big bucks in the water.  Does he look excited? 

With in a few minutes you can see how Spencer really begins to enjoy the water.

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