History of Ralph's Rabbit Ranch

History of Ralph's Rabbit Ranch

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fruit and Vegetable Trivia # 1

Here at the ranch we are always looking for new and improved foods that we can feed our herd. Recently, while reading a horticulturist magazine we came across some interesting if not down right bizarre facts.

With spring, and a new growing season, right around the corner you might find these little factoids of interest. 

All watermelons have an even number of stripes on their outer rinds.

Each ear of corn has an even number of rows of kernels.
All stalks of wheat have an even number of grains.

Every orange has an even number of segments when you cut it in half.

But here's the kicker - "every bunch of bananas" - has on its lowest row an even number of bananas but then the number of bananas decreases by one on each succeeding upward row. So as you look at every bunch of bananas their is an even row and an odd row with the number of bananas.

If you find information of this nature interesting let us know and we will include it in our blogs.  If you do not find this kind of trivia of interest let us know as well.  Thanks 
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